In the United States there are three primary types of business entity that are most commonly used when a company is being formed. You should make your next company a C-Corporation. Here’s why.

State vs Federal Law

This essay assumes you’re creating your entity in a state with no corporate income tax (Ohio, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington or Wyoming). You can incorporate in a state where you don’t live and where you don’t do business but you may find that you have to register and file taxes in your state anyway based on where your company recognizes the revenue it earns, where it…

NASA has been coping (badly) with an identity crisis since the end of the Apollo Project in the 1970s. The country really didn’t know what it was for, other than spectacle. It drifted as political fates beyond its control set its agenda, which regularly changed in ways that wasted money and work. For decades, it told itself at least it was the only way for the United States to do useful basic research in space; both via robotics and with crewed spaceflight. But finally the emergence of successful private interests in spaceflight have ended that monopoly.

The United States doesn’t…

I’ve expressed many of these ideas piecemeal over the years so I thought I would gather them all together in one place for easy future reference. Like the Onion’s sadly satirical “things like this don’t happen in any other country” posts about mass shooters, I feel compelled to have something I can post when another Black man is killed by the police.

Rule #1:

It is better that 1,000 guilty people escape justice than 1 innocent civilian die at the hands of the police.

Yes; I would let a pedophile terrorist cannibal walk from a crime scene if doing so meant that 1 innocent civilian would not die.

Yes; high-speed chases are almost always wrong.

Rule #2:

Police officers should be limited to wearing khaki, white, or powder blue uniforms. Dress blues and navy blue uniforms should only be allowed in ceremonial contexts.

No Police officer should ever — EVER…

“Doctors disagree about things all the time. My qualifications in terms of looking at the science is that I’m a social scientist. I have a Ph.D. And I understand how to read statistical studies, whether it’s in medicine, the law, economics or whatever,” Navarro said.” — Axios report about a meeting of the team advising President Trump on US coronavirus responses.

Dr. Peter Navarro is the Assistant to the President, Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy. According to his wikipedia entry, Navarro went to Tufts University, graduating in 1972 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He earned a Master of…

We’re all coming down off the sugar high of Super Tuesday. So much excitement and drama as Joe Biden inverted the conventional wisdom about the narrative of the primary season by winning almost everywhere but Colorado, Vermont, Utah and California.

Biden won 610 delegates, propelling him into the delegate lead. Sanders won 513, and those delegates added to his existing total to put him 2nd but just by a whisker. Bloomberg paid $600 million to win 60 delegates and Warren massively underperformed and finished with 56. Subsequently Bloomberg and Warren dropped out of the race.

On Tuesday March 10th, Idaho…

The “pre-season” is over! On Saturday, the final February primary event was contested and South Carolina voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden, injecting his campaign with a shot of adrenaline and clearly positioning him as the default alternative to Bernie Sanders.

In the 48 hours afterward, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar suspended their campaigns (and then Klobuchar endorsed Biden and then Buttigieg endorsed Biden). That cleared the field so that heading into Super Tuesday, the race was reduced to Biden, Bloomberg, Sanders and Warren.

3,979 delegates will be determined via the primaries. So far, 155 have been awarded in Iowa, New…

In a normal political cycle, the candidate with more delegates than the others would be called “the front-runner”. In this political cycle, that candidate may not even qualify for any delegates when Nevada Democrats caucus on Saturday February 22nd.

Pete Buttigieg leads the Democratic field with 23 delegates. Bernie Sanders trails by two with 21. Elizabeth Warren has 8, Amy Klobuchar has 7 and Joe Biden has 6.

The polling in Nevada is sparse, and for a lot of reasons, it’s very hard to poll in Nevada. A lot of the people who you might get in a poll can’t…

On Monday February 3rd, Iowa ran its first in the nation caucuses and Wednesday as I write this we still don’t have total results reported. What we do know, with something over 70% reported is that the story of the primary was Pete Buttigieg coming from back in the pack (according to the Real Clear Politics polling aggregator) to effectively tie Bernie Sanders for the lead. Sanders got more votes (by about a thousand) and Buttigieg will get approximately 1 more delegate than Sanders.

My pre-caucus predictions did not fare well against the final outcome, mostly because Joe Biden performed…

Monday February 3rd Democrats in Iowa will gather in school gymnasiums, community centers, homes and other shared spaces to select candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

A quick review: In all Democratic Presidential nominating contest there are two rules:

  1. A candidate must get more than 15% of the support of the voters to qualify to get any delegates
  2. The delegates are proportionally awarded to the candidates that qualified to receive delegates

The Iowa process is a caucus not an election. In a caucus people meet in small groups and debate who they think should be the nominee. You know who…

The core idea behind Supply-Side Economics is that tax cuts create growth in the economy. Following from that theory, one could make the argument that some tax cuts are “revenue neutral” because even though the tax rate is lower, the lower rate on a bigger economy means that the same amount of net revenue is collected. If this were true you could cut taxes without increasing the national debt, so a tax cut is “fiscally conservative”.

Since the 1980s, Supply-Side Economics has been the Republican Party’s orthodoxy regarding tax policy. In any gathering of Republicans it is taken as proven…

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